"Confucius say: Baseball is wrong -- man with four balls cannot walk."

Welcome to NW SENIOR SOFTBALL. Northwest Suburban Chicago Senior Softball.

Welcome to NW SENIOR SOFTBALL. Northwest Suburban Chicago Senior Softball.

Welcome to NW SENIOR SOFTBALL. Northwest Suburban Chicago Senior Softball.Welcome to NW SENIOR SOFTBALL. Northwest Suburban Chicago Senior Softball.Welcome to NW SENIOR SOFTBALL. Northwest Suburban Chicago Senior Softball.

12 inch softball for seniors ages 50 and over.

I can be... CENTERFIELD!

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You are on the HOME page now. 

It includes navigation tips, a brief view of where we play, a channel 2 news segment/video we appeared in back in 2016 and who should consider coming out to play.


This Page contains a drop down menu pointing to specific sites. This includes a Schaumburg page, a Rosemont page and a Melas Park page. The unique specifics for each site are indicated here. It will also include any known cancel or newly added dates. 


This Page contains information on who comprises the committee that in general terms manages the operations of the leagues. Each league involves different degrees of oversight.


This page contains general guidelines as well as rules we adhere to. Any suggestions are welcome - direct to a Committee member.


Self explanatory. Pretty faces (?) of senior players. If your picture is not included let TheRoachMan know and your image will be added.


This contains information of our fellow ballplayers and any business or service they provide. Stress FELLOW ballplayers. Please patronize our peers.


Just fun stuff that folks have offered to lighten the day.

12" Softball. 3 Different Sites and Times. Drop In Leagues.

Arlington Heights


Outdoor softball on Tu, Th & F. See 'WHERE' > 'Melas Park' Page for details. You can link to Melas Park by clicking button below.



Indoor softball on M, W & Th.   See 'WHERE'  > 'Schaumburg' Page for details. You can link to Schaumburg by clicking button below. 



Indoor softball on Tu & F.   See 'WHERE' > 'Rosemont' Page for details. You can link to Rosemont by clicking button below.  

Take A Peak


CBS News - Watch the Video

 We're proud to have participated in a news segment captured by channel 2 CBS News in September 2016. Take a couple minutes and watch as we 'Balk at Hanging It Up'.  Click on below link to watch news segment.

Is this for me?


Senior Softball

Ages 50+ 12 inch softball played on respective days per location.  See the 'WHERE' Page for specific site info. Currently, all fields open 8:30AM, Batting practice at 9:00AM, Game time 10:00AM til 12:30PM. 

Come On Out

Looking for fun, exercise, camaraderie or just love of the game. Not sure if it's for you? Come on out and just visit, or bring your mitt and bat and join the fun. No pre-registration required. 

* Drop In Leagues. No set rosters or teams. Just show up and play.