Melas Park in Arlington Heights


Outdoor Softball


Outdoor softball at Melas Park from May through September. Game days Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - weather permitting. Fields open 8:30AM, Batting practice at 9:00AM, Game time 10:00AM til 12:30PM. Located at 1500 W Central Rd, Arlington Heights. 


Daily written sign in is NO LONGER required. At 'sign in table', each player is responsible to pull his magnetic name card and place on team roster board. Failure to do so will result in not being assigned a team. As mentioned in the RULES/GENERAL Page,  Failure to have your name on roster board by 9:45AM will result in you being slotted as the last batter, as a rover and/or even assigned to a diamond other than your usual diamond. 

 Join us at Melas Park - pay $5/day or sign up for season at highly discounted rate ($60 for 2019) - which typically includes a picnic (or two) and a baseball cap. Annual registration forms will be emailed early spring to returning members. New applicants may request a form - see the COMMITTEE page for contact info.  (2020 form available about March 2020.)

You can link to COMMITTEE page by clicking on button below.

Call In Number - Weather


Inclement Weather Hotline

 At Melas Park each game day a decision will be made considering weather. A message is recorded on our Hotline Number to indicate Game On or Game Canceled.

Hotline Number

 Generally by 7:00AM our hotline is updated for the day. Call 847/577-3003 extension 6 for the prerecorded message. 

EMAIL and Website Cancelation Notifications

 In addition to the Hotline recording an email is generally sent out  to the registered Melas Park ballplayers and this website is updated on top line/banner ONLY IF THE DAY'S GAMES ARE CANCELED.

2019 Melas Park Season Ends

Melas Park


The LAST DAY was Friday, October 4, 2019


Thanks everyone for your participation in the 2019 AHPD senior softball league. Believe it or not, we had 167 registered ballplayers - the majority being returning players though we had a decent amount of new faces. Big kudos to the Park District (Nick, Cari, Steve) for providing us a Class A facility with consistent preparedness. Thanks to all of our ballplayers who 'volunteered' routinely to set up and break down equipment for games and thanks to the guys who offered themselves up to abuse by choosing game lineups. 

We had a bit of a wet start but finally got on track. Once again we received a Senior Softball Baseball Cap, one picnic and one pizza party. And weather cooperated with both food days! We saw our usual share of injuries and surgeries - a couple pretty serious in nature but doing well. 

Going forward we hope to see all at Schaumburg or Rosemont - or for any snowbirds ready to exit we hope to see you 2020 in Arlington Heights. Regardless, have a safe and healthy year.