Rules Specific to Schaumburg


In general terms all other rules listed in RULES Section apply to Schaumburg.

In no specific order below are rules that apply to Schaumburg ONLY.

  1. Any batted ball that hits the ceiling is a strike.
  2. Any batted ball that bounces off either the north or west wall is considered a foul ball (strike) and even if caught before it hits the ground is NOT an out. 
  3. Any fly ball that bounces off the east or south outfield wall where the bounce is at or below the upper beam can be caught before it hits the ground for an out.
  4. Any fair fly ball that exceeds the upper beam in the outfield is a home run. (If the ball hits the beam it is still in play.)  
  5. Any foul ball that exceeds the upper beam in the outfield is out of play and is a strike. 
  6. Any ball that bounces or rolls into the netting area in center field is a ground rule double. If the ball bounces into the netting area and rebounds onto the field it is considered to be in play.
  7. On infield grounders any overthrows to first base that bounce off the west wall are 'live' balls but cannot caught on the rebound and used to tag out the runner as he goes to first base.
  8. On overthrows on the 3rd base side, balls are out of play when they go into the 'dugout' area. Runners are awarded an extra base in this instance. The dugout area is considered the area with the steel bench between the 2 beams closest to home plate. (The area with the steel benches between the remaining beams closest to the outfield are not the 'dugout' area and the next  rule applies.)
  9. On overthrows on the 3rd base side any ball that rolls and stays down the left field area where benches, bags, people, etc are will be considered out of play or dead and no extra base is awarded. Conversely, any loose ball down the same left field area that bounces back towards the playing field will be considered in play.
  10. Any batted ball that reaches an outfielder or rover and is not caught on a fly is an automatic hit.
  11. Any batter 75 years or older cannot hit into a force at 2nd base if he hits the ball as a safe hit to an outfielder or rover. This applies to 2nd base only.