Indoor Softball 'IN FULL SWING' at Schaumbrg and Rosemont. Come join us.

Start Spreading the Rules

General Guidelines

ALL Parks - Melas Park, Schaumburg and Rosemont

Doors are typically open at 8:30AM. Please show up for batting practice from 9:00AM thru 9:45AM as games start at 10:00AM. Lineups are fairly established between 9:45AM and 9:55AM. If your magnetic name tag is not pulled and placed on roster board by that time it creates lineup decisions that impact everyone and often delay game starts. If circumstances delay your arrival until after 9:45AM, please be considerate and contact a fellow ballplayer and ask him to put your name on roster board (advise how late you will be). Failure to have your name on roster board by 9:45AM will result in you being slotted as the last batter, as a rover and/or even assigned to a diamond other than your usual diamond. 

Arlington Heights wants us to remind all that alcohol is prohibited on their premises - including parking lot.



 Games are generally 7 innings in length. Exceptions are made for different circumstances where they are 9 innings. If 7 innings a double header is usually played. If 9 innings, one game is played. 


 The maximum number of runs allowed per inning is four with the exception of the last inning in which runs are unlimited.